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Why you should pick e-cigs from V2

For those of you who have never smoked, you may fail to realize the magnitude V2 products carry to the market. Smoking seems exciting but it is the worst form of excitement in case you opt to refer to it as a thrilling endeavor. More than ninety percent of cigarette smokers worldwide seek to give up the practice. However, resigning from smoking is not a simple exercise. Many wake up promising themselves never to take another stick only persist making suchlike promises for the rest of the week, month and indeed for the whole year until they finally succumb to smoking related complications. V2 as a leading enterprise in anti-smoking products is aware of these worrying facts and aims at revising the situation by providing the market with variety of anti-smoking cigarettes well known as e-cigs. A cigarette addict is required to acquire a V2 kit. The kit has in it cartridges upon where e-liquid is kept. The label has in it 2 cartridges. The two are Menthol and V2Red.

Chocolate, coffee, tea, peppermint, menthol, congress, green tea menthol and vanilla are among the flavors. The versatility in the number and different flavors is so as to take care of many different preferences from all persons from all walks of life. As you prefer coffee taste, another would rather go for a tea flavor instead. Research portrays the brand a success so far.

The first invention on e-cigs resulted from China. Though V2 is not from China but an American enterprise, it subsists to prove its worth. The enterprise has taken the 2003 Chinese invention by storm. While some e-cigs from some brands are as huge as the size of a biro pen, V2 sticks are exactly the size of real-life cigarettes. The smoker is therefore convinced that he is smoking from a real cigarette and subsequently cannot seek a real stick afterwards. Due to their resemblance to real-life cigarettes, V2 electrical cigarettes are also coined as cigalikes by the users.

V2 cigarettes have a rechargeable cell in them. The battery is made from lithium ion and is powered by atomizer. This atomizer in the e-cig gives rise to a gas commonly referred to as vapor after heating up nicotine solution also in the device. When you inhale from the V2 cigarette, by the way you can get 2015 v2 cigs coupon codes by following the link, you force air through the e-cigs and this subsequently triggers the heater. The heater heats up nicotine to produce nicotine vapor which consequently is inhaled by the smoker. The fact that the electrical gadget produces nicotine without using tobacco narrows to the idea that the gadget outlaws a wide range of toxics that tobacco brings on board. Note that V2 products contain nicotine in them unlike a large variety of brands who fail to offer nicotine in their electrical cigarettes. Lack of nicotine in e-cigs is not welcome by most e-cigs consumers.

All of V2 items have in them nicotine. Remember nicotine is the reason behind your addiction to cigarettes: nicotine is the addictive element in real-life cigarettes. In as much as nicotine itself is not poisonous, tobacco is as it contains additional elements apart from nicotine. V2 thus works on the account that if they secure nicotine elsewhere and not from everyday tobacco cigarettes, they will draw the addicted smoker from suchlike diseases as cancer and asthma just to name but a few. Actual tobacco cigarettes contain tar. Tar is a life threatening chemical. By providing e-cigs, V2 secures a smoker from inhaling tar into his or her system.

Coronary heart disease otherwise termed as cerebrovascular disease and acute cardiac complications are related to tobacco smoking. These are very cruel diseases as few fully recover from them as they are unable to quit smoking. There has nonetheless come an end to all these ailments and suffering with the introduction of V2 E-cigarettes. Thousands and thousands more smokers are freely and comfortably walking out of this disgusting habit with their health intact. Thanks to V2 and its innovators. What makes V2 anti-smoking products core and vital to every smoker is the fact that smoking not only affects the smoker but also everyone that interacts with the smoker. It is therefore lies upon each one of us to end the evil habit by at least referring smoking friends and relatives to V2.