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A review of v2 electronic cigarette brand

There are many brands of electronic cigarette that fill up the market; interestingly they all claim to be the very best. Some might be true while others could just be using promotional language to steer up their sales. The v2 electronic cigarette however has proven to be a dominating brand name among the e-cig users. Needless to say, this brand of electronic cigarette has earned the best reviews in the industry. Thanks to their use advanced technology and the stellar performance that their products are reputed with. If you are still asking why the electronic cigarettes are popular, you can refer to v2 as it’s in a class of its own.

The v2 electronic cigarette starter kits incorporate everything that you might need for an excellent vaping experience. If you are working on a tight budget and still want to vape, you can opt for the economy kit, the standard kit includes a manual and automatic battery, enclosed is also a USB charger and a wall adaptor for convenience. This means that you can charge your v2 E-cigarette while driving, using your laptop computer and even at home. The standard kit which has an inclusion of smart charger comes also with an advanced internal chip that prevents the user from overcharging their device. For those who want all the v2 electronic stuffed together in a whole pack supplies, then the ultimate starter kit takes care of your needs. The kits offered by this brand are famed for making transition to e-cigarettes much easier. The kit choices are 10 in number. This is the highest number that is offered and no other brand is close to that. The second is the Green Smoke brand which only offers 5 kit choices.

The v2 E-cigarettes flavor cartridges comes with a variety of pack sizes, the 5-pack is the smallest and the cheapest while the largest peaks up to 80 pack. It does not end there because there a still multiple choices worth knowing. To cut it short the cartridges are filled with a wide range of flavors that are blended using the most advancement technology. Some of the flavors include the tobacco flavor, menthol, peppermint, vanilla, grape, chocolate and cola. The v2 cigs E-liquid is the blend of different levels of nicotine with a wide range of food flavors.

In terms of flavors, this can be the reason why the V2 E-cigs tops the others; it is only this brand which can offer a customized cartridge flavor. This is in relative comparison with the other brands of E-Cigs. The flavor choices are 12 in number.

The battery is a vital component in the use of E-cigarettes. V2 brands boast of delivering a choice of manual battery or the automatic ones. This is according to a survey done to distinguish the uniqueness of the different brands of electronic cigarettes. When you compare brands such as Blu, Green Smoke and NJOY, only v2 offers the manual battery choice. The battery comes with 9 different colors. You can choose from white red, pink, yellow green or purple depending on your favorite colors. V2 E-Cig battery can last a full day is probably the longest in terms of length.

For any brand or company whatsoever to attain top notched sales, the number consideration is the client. That is maybe the wise manoeuvre that was adopted by the V2 E-cigarettes brand when they opted to have a customer forum. The customer forum is of prime importance because a track of services can be established and questions of customer satisfaction can be looked into. If you are looking for a customized service with the customer forum then this brand suits you perfectly. Mind you that it is the only one that has it, the others don’t. The influential factor of purchasing is pricing. Keeping all aspects constant, many people will opt for the prices which are pocket friendly right. Of course we understand that some people do not mind the price as long as they get what they want. To make it better for the clients, they sell their single cartridge at $1.50.

They however say that nothing is ultimately perfect; v2 has it flaws too and they must be put to light. In consideration, it might be one of the most expensive brands. The v2 electronic cigarette is nevertheless an undisputed number one leader in the electronic cigarette industry.